Happy  Chanukah

Crown  Heights!


How are you lighting up another Yid's



Lubavitch Youth Org. just made it easier for you!

 Check out the opportunities, choose the option that fits with you.


Bring a Chanukah party to a family!
Here in Brooklyn there are apartment buildings filled with Jewish families. Share the light and joy of Chanukah with them! Sign up to get a location and list of contacts. Mivtzoim supplies will be provided.  

Perfect for: 
Couples of all ages! 
Here is how to sign up: 
Kensington: Text/(Call) Rabbi Langsam 718-613-9182  
Flatbush: Text/Call Rabbi Bryski 718-406-3915
Canarsi & Starrett City: Text/Call Rabbi Tzafsman 718-207-7701 or Email [email protected]

Chanukah on the street!
Want to go on mivtzoim this Chanukah? Not sure where to go? We've got you covered. You will be matched up with local shluchim who will supply menorahs for you to give out on the street, in their neighborhood. 
Perfect for: 
Young women and girls! 
Here is how to sign up: 

Share Chanukah with the Elderly
Get matched to a local nursing home and bring the joy of Chanukah to the elderly! 

Perfect for:
Families, class trips or a group of friends.

To view available locations:
Click here to see evening visits (for families)
Click here to see day visits (for schools)

Here to Help
Not sure where to go? Need some more details?

We can help!

Call: 718-953-1000 Hours: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Email: [email protected] 
Whatsapp/text: 845-393-1951


Going on Mivtzoim? Need Chanuka supplies?

Stop by Tzach - 305 Kingston Ave, or Call 718-953-1000 ex 111 speak to Rabbi Dovid Polter